Hydraulic power pack type XA - Eurofluid


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Hydraulic power pack Eurofluid  type XA - Stationary and Mobile


Tank size   55; 75; 100; 140; 180; 250; 300; 400; 500; 750 и 1000 litерс                              
Pump type:   Gear, axial piston, radial piston, vane, screw pump
Electric motor

- 400V/50Hz, Power 2,2-90 кW

- 230V/50Hz, Power 2,2-90 кW

An internal combustion engine: Diesel or petrol, with varying power to the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor.
Distribution block: In the hydraulic unit can add an extra block with
  distributors, states are required draw tables.

Operating voltage of
direction control valve:

- 12V=; 24V

- 110V~/50Hz;           

- 220V~/50Hz;

Filtracion:                                          Filter with optical sensor contamination or without sensor

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